My plant identification application said that a plant I observed in Foley, Alabama, was a China rose. It was a wonderful shrub used as a border. None of our nurseries have read of this plant. Can you assistance? — Jerri Owens

An identification of “China rose” may perhaps be beneficial, but it is not precise. The expression indicates a group of roses fairly than a particular rose. That is why the nurseries have not been in a position to enable you. They may well carry a kind of China rose, but it would not be identified by that title. Unfortunately, nurseries typically aim on other more fashionable groups of roses and you should not carry a fantastic collection of the older types, like the China roses.

The China rose team involves variants of the species rose Rosa chinensis and hybrids of that species. There are many types with different flower colors, styles and progress practices, including types these as Ducher, Cramoisi Superieur, Previous Blush, Archduke Charles and Caldwell Pink. This group of roses is superb for our area and grows effectively in our local weather. The China roses belong to the more substantial Old Backyard garden Rose team.


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The Antique Rose Emporium is a nursery that specializes in old backyard garden roses. Check out its website on the web. It delivers an fantastic selection of China roses. Wanting over the pics, potentially you will see the a person you are intrigued in. You could get it from the Antique Rose Emporium or other on-line sources, or check and see if any area nurseries are carrying that wide range of rose.

My spouse and I are novice vegetable gardeners. I was just acquiring a discussion with my father about his father and a fertilizer he made use of a extended time back named guanner. My dad appears to be to assume it was created of guano, possibly a combination of some form. I was wondering if this may well be a little something you are acquainted with. If so, what could it be and how would you use it? Also, would you propose one thing like that for vegetable gardening? Thank you for any insight you could have. We’re on the lookout for a wonder combination! — Jason

I’ve hardly ever listened to of it, but from the name, it is a fantastic assumption that it was based mostly on guano. There is almost nothing miraculous about guano. This expression is employed for fowl droppings or bat droppings. In the previous, big deposits of these products that had created up over time were being harvested from chook or bat colonies and applied for fertilizing plants (this is not sustainable and did a whole lot of damage to hen and bat colonies).

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If you look on the world-wide-web, you will uncover guano-based fertilizer readily available for sale. Abide by package deal instructions for the item you invest in. You might want to use just one of these fertilizers for aged time’s sake centered on your loved ones heritage. But it is basically a source of plant mineral aspects, like any other fertilizer. It will not warranty accomplishment. You may possibly also use compost, manure, natural fertilizers and industrial fertilizers to productively increase greens in a home backyard garden.

I have really a number of milkweeds that a bunch of monarch caterpillars are munching on, which is excellent. What is not so great is that a several wasps seem to be to be feeding on them! Any ideas for deterring wasps when not killing the caterpillars or harming the butterflies? — Nancy Pesses

To safeguard the monarch caterpillars on individuals milkweed plants, you can make cages manufactured of display screen materials all around the plants to avert the wasps from acquiring to the caterpillars (this will also avoid monarch butterflies from laying eggs). Or buy a butterfly habitat and move the caterpillars into the habitat and feed them with freshly harvested leaves from your milkweed vegetation. Release them when they emerge as grownups.

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