Guide - January 4, 2024

Kitchen Organisation – Tips for More Order in the Kitchen

How do I start organising my kitchen? Empty Everything Out First, create a large space to lay out all your kitchen items. This is crucial to see how much you actually own. It’s also an excellent opportunity to clean the entire kitchen.

Sort Things Out Now, examine and sort each item. There are two options: it either stays or goes. Ask yourself: Do you have multiple copies of this item? Do you need so many? Is it damaged or no longer usable? If yes, sort it out immediately. Did you use it last year? If not, it’s time to let it go.

Categorise Now that you’re left with items you actually need, it’s time to form categories. This is essential for kitchen organisation, helping you to find things later. A practical approach is to start with the dishwasher. Arrange dishes, glasses, etc., around it and work your way from there.

Proper Storage Optimal storage containers or boxes are crucial. They make your life much easier. They should be practical, hygienic, and durable. However, also consider the cleaning aspect, as it’s unavoidable.

What Shouldn’t Be Missed in Kitchen Organisation? Long boxes for deep drawers are best for kitchen organisation. They allow you to use the full depth of the shelf space. At the same time, items can be easily removed by pulling out the box, like a drawer. Lazy Susans are highly recommended too. Everything is immediately accessible, and with one motion, you can easily see and reach everything. Pan organisers are great for vertically storing pans, cutting boards, and pot lids. This provides an overview and prevents scratching. Drawer dividers and organisers are indispensable for kitchen organisation.

Which Storage Containers are Right for Kitchen Organisation? Ideally, products should be decanted into containers. This not only looks visually appealing but also helps to see at a glance how much is left, which is often not apparent in the original packaging. Hygiene should also not be neglected in kitchen organisation. For instance, storing an opened bag of flour properly is challenging. Storage baskets for non-chilled foods are particularly clear due to their stackability, saving a lot of space. Spice racks are also very practical, maintaining an overview and allowing spices to be stored in uniform containers.

Further Tips for Kitchen Organisation It’s advisable to label all storage containers, boxes, and spice racks for kitchen organisation. Drawers and shelves can also be labelled. This saves you a lot of effort and nerves in finding and correctly placing everything. Try to dispose of all packaging and store products in appropriate containers or boxes. Packaging creates clutter and takes up unnecessary space. Moreover, too many different packages look messy. Additionally, a tidy kitchen is not achieved by a one-off tidy-up, but by staying on top of it. Therefore, the importance of routines is crucial.

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